Rome and Contemporary Printmaking

Edited by Sarah Linford and Devin Kovach
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EAN: 978-8-86060-882-6
Publication: Dec 20

224 pages
6.69 x 9.44
63 color photos, 41 halftones

An expansive view of printmaking and the graphic arts in the Eternal City of Rome

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FORCE FIELDS: Rome and Contemporary Printmaking is both a sourcebook on the capital role that Rome has played in the history of printmaking and a state-of-the-field of contemporary practices. The volume features diverse academic, professional, and artistic perspectives that illuminate the evolution of and recent shifts in making and diffusing prints in Rome. Leading experts retrace the history of prints from the Renaissance to the current day; Roman master printers recount experiences working with some of the artists who define twentieth-century art; and a richly illustrated catalogue of contemporary works, by locally trained and international artists drawn to Rome, introduces the varied conceptions — and force fields — operative in printmaking today. This volume will delight anyone interested in printmaking (specialists and non-specialists), inform those curious about Rome’s past and present role in the visual arts, and serve as a reference book for printmakers and critical historians.

FORCE FIELDS is available for purchase from Palombi Editori, for €24.00 or $29.00. It is available as a PDF in the Temple University institutional repository,

Contributors: Frank Dabell, Jérôme Delaplanche, Alessandro Fornaci, Richard Hricko, Hilary Link, Arianna Mercanti, Ruth Pelzer-Montada, Antonella Renzitti, Jason Scuilla, Hester Stinnett, Claudio Zambianchi, Romolo, Rosalba, Flaminia and Beatrice Bulla, Giuseppe (Pino) Lo Russo, Matteo Borsoi, and the editors.

Exhibited Artists: Ron Abram, Francine Kay Affourtit, Riccardo Ajossa, Thomas Baldischwyler, Gianna Bentivenga, Maria Pina Bentivenga, Marina Bindella, Virginia Carbonelli, Matthew Colaizzo, Lindsay Deifik, Susanna Doccioli, Alessandro Fornaci, Edgars Gluhovs, Oona Grimes, Inma Herrera, Christoph Keller, Andrew Kozlowski, Sandro Mele, Stefano Minzi, Riccardo Pecchioli, Julie Rebecca Poulain, Usama Saad, Jason Scuilla, Hester Stinnett, Francesco Vignola, and Anastasiya Voskoboynikova.

Invited Artists: Dario Agati, Elena Boni, Lucia Cadeddu, Giorgia Catapano, Alessia Consiglio, Elisabetta Diamanti, Marco Eusepi, Gabriel Feld, Valeria Gasparrini, Leslie Hirst, Richard Hricko, Emilie Lundstrøm, Roberto Mannino, Lorenzo Modica, Alexis Nutini, Gianna Parisse, Tatjana Pavićević, Cristina Piciacchia, Roberto Piloni, Rujunko Pugh, Enrico Pusceddu, Jacopo Rinaldi, Marta Roberti, Rosaria Scotto, Tricia Treacy, Carlo Venturi, and José Witteveen.

Table of Contents

Foreword: Hilary Link, Dean, Temple University Rome

Introduction: Hester Stinnett, Professor of Printmaking, The Tyler School of Art, Temple University
Acknowledgements: Devin Kovach and Sarah Linford

Devin Kovach, “The Eternal Return: Rome as a Site for Study and Practice of the Graphic Arts Today”
Frank Dabell, “Prints of Rome, Prints for Rome”
Jérôme Delaplanche, “French Printmakers in Rome: the case of the Villa Medici-French Academy”
Antonella Renzitti, “The Major Italian Print Studios of the 1960s: Grafica Romero, Grafica Uno, 2RC, Litografia Bulla
Arianna Mercanti, “The Etched Mark: Roman Experiments in the 1970s”
Claudio Zambianchi, “Roberto, Romolo and Rosalba Bulla: Two Generations of Printers in Rome.”
Devin Kovach and Sarah Linford, “La Litografia Bulla: An interview with Romolo, Rosalba and Flaminia Bulla"
Devin Kovach and Sarah Linford, “Giuseppe (Pino) Lo Russo & Matteo Borsoi: an interview with the Istituto Centrale per la Grafica’s master printers”
Alessandro Fornaci, “The Stamperia del Tevere and the Centro Sperimentale della Grafica Incisa”
Ruth Pelzer-Montada, “Printmaking — Contemporary Perspectives”
Jason Scuilla, “Etching with Electrical Current from Print Think Italy, May 2018: Transforming Printmaking through Chemical Innovation”
Richard Hricko, “Laser-Engraved Tonal Woodblock Prints from Print Think Italy, May 2018”

Sarah Linford, “Field-notes from Rome”
Impronte Romane: New Directions in Printmaking, Exhibited Artists
Ron Abram
Francine Kay Affourtit
Riccardo Ajossa
Thomas Baldischwyler
Gianna Bentivenga
Maria Pina Bentivenga
Marina Bindella
Virginia Carbonelli
Matthew Colaizzo
Lindsay Deifik
Susanna Doccioli
Alessandro Fornaci
Edgars Gluhovs
Oona Grimes
Inma Herrera
Christoph Keller
Andrew Kozlowski
Sandro Mele
Stefano Minzi
Riccardo Pecchioli
Julie Rebecca Poulain
Usama Saad
Jason Scuilla
Hester Stinnett
Francesco Vignola
Anastasiya Voskoboynikova

Invited artists
Dario Agati
Elena Boni
Lucia Cadeddu
Giorgia Catapano
Alessia Consiglio
Elisabetta Diamanti
Marco Eusepi
Gabriel Feld
Valeria Gasparrini
Leslie Hirst
Richard Hricko
Emilie Lundstrøm
Roberto Mannino
Lorenzo Modica
Alexis Nutini
Gianna Parisse
Tatjana Pavićević
Cristina Piciacchia
Roberto Piloni
Rujunko Pugh
Enrico Pusceddu
Jacopo Rinaldi
Marta Roberti
Rosaria Scotto
Tricia Treacy
Carlo Venturi
José Witteveen

About the Author(s)

An art historian, a curator, and an educator specializing in modern and contemporary art, Dr. Sarah Linford works closely with emerging and established artists, galleries, and museums on both sides of the Atlantic. After spending five years at the Academy of Fine Arts of Rome, teaching and establishing relations with the city’s historic foreign academies and Rome’s major cultural institutions, she is now a faculty member of John Cabot University’s Department of Art History and Studio Art.

Devin Kovach is an artist, a printmaker, and an educator based in Rome. He has exhibited his work at venues in Europe and North America and participated in numerous artist residencies on both continents. He currently teaches courses in printmaking, book arts, and graduate studies at Temple University Rome.