Stan Hochman Unfiltered

50 Years of Wit and Wisdom from the Groundbreaking Sportswriter

Edited by Gloria Hochman, Foreword by Angelo Cataldi, With a Message from Governor Edward G. Rendell
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50 years of classic columns from one of Philadelphia's most beloved sportswriters

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The late Philadelphia Daily News sportswriter Stan Hochman was known for his many zingers, such as “Harry Litwack, the stoic Temple coach, stalks the sidelines like a blind man at a nudist colony.” As a reporter, he was more interested in how athletes felt, what their values were, how they lived their lives, or what made them tick than he was about how many runs they scored or punches they landed.

In Stan Hochman Unfiltered, Stan’s wife, Gloria, collects nearly one hundred of his best Daily News columns about not only baseball, horse racing, boxing, football, hockey, and basketball (both college and professional) but also food, films, and even Liz Taylor. Each section is introduced by a friend or colleague—including, among others, Garry Maddox, Larry Merchant, Ray Didinger, and Bernie Parent.

Hochman penned a candid, cantankerous column about whether Pete Rose belongs in the Baseball Hall of Fame; wrote a graphic account of the Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier fight of the century; and skewered Norman “Bottom Line” Braman, the one-time owner of the Eagles. He also wrote human-interest stories, including features about the importance of kids with special needs playing sports.

In addition to being a beloved writer, Hochman was known for his stint on WIP radio as the Grand Imperial Poobah, where he would settle callers’ most pressing debates. Hochman earned the respect and admiration of his subjects, peers, and readers throughout his career. Stan Hochman Unfiltered is a testament to his enduring legacy.


We all need our heroes in life. And that’s what Stan was for me. When I was a kid, I used to write to him with questions about sportswriting. It tells all you need to know about him that he always wrote back, with a never-ending supply of wisdom, insights, and advice. He had no idea what that meant to me or how much it inspired me to do what I do. And it taught me the value of responding to all the kids who have reached out to me through the years. I think of Stan every time I do that. If I were chiseling a Mount Rushmore of Philly sportswriters, I’d honestly start with Stan. A pro’s pro. An amazing writer. And one of the most special human beings I’ve ever met in this business.
Jayson Stark, Senior Baseball Writer , The Athletic, formerly of the Inquirer and ESPN

"(T)his treasury of Stan’s wit and wisdom... reminds us of his impact as both a gifted, provocative and unparalleled writer and as a human being.... (T)he depth of Stan’s writing is matched only by the number the lives he touched and entertained through his columns.... As this enjoyable volume attests, Stan never lost his fastball."
— JerseyMan Magazine

“Stan Hochman Unfiltered is a fun and easy journey through decades of Philadelphia sports that seamlessly has held up over time."
— Daily Times

Table of Contents

Foreword, by Angelo Cataldi
A Message from the Honorable Edward G. Rendell
Introduction, by Gloria Hochman
Stan’s “Zingers”


Introduction, by Garry Maddox
A Scorekeeper’s Final Inning
Sartorial Sleuthing
Baseball’s Best Ever
Start the Parade without Me
That’s Incredible—That’s Baseball
Garry Maddox Still Wears White Hat
Jackie: The First
The Big Fall: Survivors of ’64
Don’t Play Ball
Tears Mix with Love for Bart
Cepeda Deserving of Plaque in Hall
Do They Really Want to Tell It to the Judge?
Summer in the City
Joe, It Wasn’t as Easy as It Looked
Mantle Documentary Hits a Home Run
The Reel Richie: A Baseball Life Worth Reliving
Even Bumbling Bud Couldn’t Rain on This City’s Celebration
Rose Still Showing His Character
Dick Allen Belongs in Hall of Fame


Introduction, by Dick Jerardi
Turcotte: The Man Who Rides Superhorse
Ruffian Takes Tragic Last Stride
This Horse Has a Shadow of a Chance
At the Races: Right Up Shoemaker’s Alley
Slots Could Taint Great Sport of Horse Racing
Seabiscuit: A Horse from the Wrong Side of the Track
Citation Dominated in Different Era
California Chrome Throws Breeding on Its Ear


Introductions, by Weatta Frazier Collins and Larry Merchant
A Fight to Cherish
Drugs Topple Bitter Gypsy Joe
Holmes Stings Ali: An Era Ends with 11th Round TKO
Heap Big Night: Camacho’s Indian Outfit Highlights Wild Evening
Low Blow: Douglas Doesn’t Deserve to Lose Title
Artistic License
The Only One to Blame Is the One Going to Jail
Frazier’s Win over Ali Stands Test of Time

Photo gallery


Introduction, by Ray Didinger
Vermeil Listens to Own Advice—Leaving the Eagles
On the Road with Leonard Tose
Buddy System Can Be Tough to Swallow
Roughly Speaking, Jaws Enjoyed Himself
Giles: The Voice of Experience
To Zubrow, the Battle Can Be Won
Lurie Mustn’t Lose Sight of Little Things
He Lost a Lot, but He Loved the Game


Introduction, by Bernie Parent
Schultz’s Shrink Wouldn’t Believe Him on the Rink
Even Now Shero Cups His Emotions
Ziegler’s Plan Isn’t Worth a Red Cent to Snider
Give That Man a Stick: Clark’s Finding It Difficult to Vent His Frustrations
Behind the Marks of a Living Legend
The Puck Stops Here


Introduction, by Jim Lynam
Julius Erving: A Man for All People
Hard Hats Win Some Warm Hearts
Barkley Could Star on “All My Children”
Jordan Plays the Game His Way
Wilt Defends Magic Number: Chamberlain Explains Why He Tallied Bed Partners in Book
Magic’s Love for Life Clear
A Reach Far beyond Court
Massimino Making Sweet Music Again
Temple-Kansas: Why All the Fuss?
Rumeal Robinson: He’s Taken His Share of Shots
So Close, So Distant
Big 5: A History to Celebrate, Warts and All
As AD, DiJulia Perfectly Content at St. Joe’s


Introduction, by Pat McLoone
Ben, Arnie and Jack at ’60 Open
Son Crowns the King
The Sugar Cane against the Rough: Chi Chi Rodriguez
Tiger Woods: Triumph of the Spirit
Front Page Reserved for Greatness
Controversial Entry into Hall
Snow White and the Dwarf
Love Story: Child Finds Home with Area Trainer
Accentuating the Positive
Take Five—Visit These Best Seaside Destinations for Fine Dining
Diverse Team of Lively 13’s on Right Road
Let the Debates Begin: Sports Film Fest Here
A Rubberized Field of Dreams
Shonda Schilling, on Handling Life’s Curveballs
Iguana Days and Nights . . . OH, and Liz Was There Too
They’ll Come If, and When, It’s Built
The Last Bite


About the Author(s)

Gloria Hochman is an award-winning author, journalist, broadcaster, and popular public speaker. She is the author of the New York Times best seller A Brilliant Madness: Living with Manic-Depressive Illness, co-authored with Patty Duke; Heart Bypass: What Every Patient Must Know; and Adult Children of Divorce: Breaking the Cycle and Finding Fulfillment in Love, Marriage and Family, co-authored with Edward Beal. She is also the editor of The Age for Change: Baby Boomers Defy the Rules of Aging. Hochman is the Director of Media Relations for the Adoption Center. She and Stan Hochman were married for fifty-four years.