Down and Out in Los Angeles and Berlin

The Sociospatial Exclusion of Homeless People

Jürgen von Mahs
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Table of Contents

Preface Acknowledgments Commonly Used Abbreviations 1 Different Welfare Regimes, Similar Outcomes? The Impact of Public Policy on Homeless People’s Exit Chances in Berlin and Los Angeles 2 Homeless Spaces, Homeless Lives: Using Ethnography to Assess Homeless People’s Life Courses and Exit Chances in Berlin 3 Not Allowed: Legal Exclusion, Human Rights, and Global Capital 4 Not Wanted: Containment, Warehousing, and Service Exclusion 5 Not Needed: Market Exclusion, Exit Strategies, and the Specter of Neoliberalism 6 Sociospatial Exclusion of Homeless People: Comparative Perspective Postscript Appendix 1: Biographical Sketches of Respondents in Berlin Appendix 2: Key Informants Notes References Index

About the Author(s)

Jürgen von Mahs is Assistant Professor in Urban Studies at The New School in New York City.