Multicultural Girlhood

Racism, Sexuality, and the Conflicted Spaces of American Education

Mary Thomas
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How high school girls perpetuate social spaces of racism, misogyny, and gender stereotyping despite their best intentions

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments 1 Introduction 2 Banal Multiculturalism and Its Opaque Racisms: New Racial Ideals and the Limits of “Getting Along” 3 The Sexual Attraction of Racism: The Latent Desires of “Boys Are stupid” 4 The Pain of Segregation: School Territoriality, Racial Embodiment, and Paranoid Geographies 5 Geographies of Migrant Girlhood: Families and Racialization 6 What Girls Want at School: Surveillance, Care, and a Predictable Space 7 Conclusion References Index

About the Author(s)

Mary E. Thomas is Assistant Professor in the Departments of Geography and Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at Ohio State University.

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