Cheaper by the Hour

Temporary Lawyers and the Deprofessionalization of the Law

Robert A Brooks
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234 pages
6 x 9

How attorneys' work is deprofessionalized, downgraded, and controlled through part-time and temporary assignments

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Table of Contents

Preface 1 Degraded and Insecure: The “New” Workforce 2 “Basically Interchangeable”: The Creation of the Temporary Lawyer 3 Life on the Concourse Level: Doing Document Review 4 Box Shopping in “Nike Town”: Struggles over Work 5 “Keeping Count of Every Freakin’ Minute”: Struggles over Time 6 “A Glorifed Data Entry Person”: Struggles over Identity 7 “I Would Rather Grow in India”: The Emerging Legal Underclass Appendix A: Document Review Project Summary Appendix B: The Questionnaire Appendix C: The Attorneys References Index

About the Author(s)

Robert A. Brooks is Associate Professor and Chair in the Department of Criminal Justice at Worcester State University in Massachusetts.