The Politics of State Feminism

Innovation in Comparative Research

Dorothy E. McBride and Amy G Mazur
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318 pages

Addressing essential questions of women's movement activism and political change in Western democracies

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Table of Contents

Preface Part I Framework and Foundations 1 The State Feminism Project 2 Concepts and Mixed Methods 3 Mapping Women's Policy Agencies Part II Exploring State Feminism 4 Women's Policy Agencies and Women's Movement Success 5 Women's Policy Agency Success and Failure: The Search for Explanations 6 What's Feminist about State Feminism? Part III Unpacking State Feminism 7 Social Movements and Women's Movements by Joyce Outshoorn 8 Political Representation by Joni Lovenduski and Marila Guadagnini 9 Framing and Gendering by Birgit Sauer 10 Gendering New Institutionalism by Amy G. Mazur and Dorothy E. McBride Part IV Conclusion 11 The New Politics of State Feminism Notes Glossary References Index

About the Author(s)

Dorothy E. McBride is Professor Emerita of Political Science at Florida Atlantic University.

Amy G. Mazur is Professor in the Department of Political Science at Washington State University. She received the Midwest Political Science Association Women's Caucus, Professional Achievement Award in 2011.