Once the American Dream

Inner-Ring Suburbs of the Metropolitan United States

Bernadette Hanlon
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224 pages

32 tables, 11 figures, 13 maps

A comprehensive national study of inner-ring suburbs in the U.S.

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Table of Contents

Contents List of Illustrations List of Tables Acknowledgments 1 Once the American Dream 2 Decline Is a New Suburban Reality 3 Defining Inner-Ring Suburbs 4 Forces Shaping Inner-Ring Suburbs 5 Sidestepping Inner-Ring Suburbs 6 Declining Inner-Ring Suburbs 7 Suburbs in Crisis 8 Different Types of Inner-Ring Suburbs 9 Fixing Inner-Ring Suburbs 10 Conclusion Appendix References Index

About the Author(s)

Bernadette Hanlon is a research analyst at the Center for Urban Environmental Research and Education (CUERE) at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC). Her research interests include suburban growth and decline, urban policy and planning, and state and local government.