The Eagles Encyclopedia

Ray Didinger
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EAN: 978-1-59213-449-6
Publication: Aug 05

336 pages

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The first comprehensive history of the Philadelphia Eagles


No team in Philadelphia pulls on the hearts and minds of its fans more than the Eagles. Now, for the first time, the complete history of the team has been chronicled in one place. In these pages, we read about the greatest moments in Eagleshistory, and of the men who helped found the team and create modern football. The book brings to life Bert Bell, who bought the franchise of the defunct Frankford Yellowjackets and renamed the team after the symbol of Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal, and who later became the NFL's commissioner and invented the college draft. We follow the season-by-season play of the team, whose first winning record was the season when the Eagles and Steelers merged due to manpower shortages during WWII. And more than anything, we revel in the years of triumph: the Duffel Bag Dynasty, when the Eagles went to three consecutive NFL chamionship games, and won two back to back; the 1960 title victory against the Green Bay Packers; the first Superbowl appearance in 1980; and the magical opening of the 21st century, which has seen four consecutive NFC championship games and the team's return to the Superbowl. Written by Football Hall of Fame writer Ray Didinger and acclaimed local sports history Robery S. Lyons, The Eagles Enyclopedia is an indispensible year by year guidebook for every fan of one of football's most storied franchises.

About the Author(s)

Ray Didinger has won four Emmy Awards as a writer and producer at NFL Films. Before that he was a reporter covering the National Football League for The Philadelphia Bulletin, and later The Philadelphia Daily News. In 1995 he was enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame as the recipient of the Dick McCann Memorial Award for long and distinguished reporting of pro football. He is also a weekly commentator and panelist on Comcast's Post-Game Live show during the football season.

For more than thirty years, Robert S. Lyons has covered professional and college sports for the Associated Press, and has contributed to numerous national publications. The former director of the La Salle University News Bureau, editor of the university's alumni magazine, and an instructor of journalism at La Salle, he is now president of RSL Communications. He is the author of Palestra Pandemonium: A History of the Big 5 (Temple, 2002).