Crime and Family

Selected Essays of Joan McCord

Joan McCord
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Seminal essays by a pioneering criminologist, collected for the first time

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Joan McCord (1930-2004) was one of the most-respected, and best-loved criminologists of her generation. A brilliant pioneer, Dr. McCord was best known for her work on the Cambridge-Somerville Youth Study, the first large-scale, longitudinal experimental study in the field of criminology. The study was among the first to demonstrate unintended harmful effects of a well-meaning prevention program. Dr. McCord's most important essays from this groundbreaking research project are among those included in this volume.

McCord also co-wrote, edited, or co-edited twelve volumes and authored or co-authored 127 journal articles and book chapters. She wrote across a broad array of subjects, including delinquency, alcoholism, violence, crime prevention, and criminal theory. This book brings her most important and lasting work together in one place for the first time.


"This volume is a must-have book for anyone who cares about preventing crime and avoiding harmful programs. The book offers McCord's classic evidence that good intentions can produce disastrous results and that crime prevention should be evaluated no less rigorously than a new and powerful drug."
Lawrence Sherman, Director, Jerry Lee Center for Criminology, University of Pennsylvania

“(McCord) clearly was a researcher of unbounded energy whose life’s work has added greatly to the corpus of criminological knowledge. This book is an excellent collection of that work. The methodology of her research in the developmental study of crime is both classically rigorous and strikingly inventive.”
The Law and Politics Book Review

“The essays are mostly based on topics close to Joan’s heart: the effects of intervention; the effect of child rearing; punishment and discipline; crime in the family; alcoholism and drunk driving. The book closes with a truly inspiring autobiography and a list of all of her publications.”
Contemporary Sociology

Table of Contents

Introduction by DAVID P. FARRINGTON

PART ONE: The Effects of Intervention
CHAPTER 1 - A Thirty-Year Follow-up of Treatment Effects
CHAPTER 2 - Consideration of Some Effects of a Counseling Program
CHAPTER 3 - The Cambridge-Somerville Study: A Pioneering Longitudinal-Experimental Study of Delinquency Prevention
CHAPTER 4 - Cures That Harm: Unanticipated Outcomes of Crime Prevention Programs

PART TWO: The Effects of Child Rearing
CHAPTER 5- Some Child-Rearing Antecedents of Criminal Behavior in Adult Men
CHAPTER 6 - A Longitudinal View of the Relationship Between Paternal Absence and Crime
CHAPTER 7 - A Forty Year Perspective on Effects of Child Abuse and Neglect
CHAPTER 8 - Family Relationships, Juvenile Delinquency, and Adult Criminality

PART THREE: Punishment and Discipline
CHAPTER 9 - Questioning the Value of Punishment
CHAPTER 10 - Deterrence and the Light Touch of the Law
CHAPTER 11 - On Discipline
CHAPTER 12 - Discipline and the Use of Sanctions

PART FOUR: Crime in the Family
CHAPTER 13 - Patterns of Deviance
CHAPTER 14 - The Cycle of Crime and Socialization Practices
CHAPTER 15 - Family Socialization and Antisocial Behavior: Searching for Causal Relationships in Longitudinal Research
CHAPTER 16 - Family as Crucible for Violence: Comment on Gorman-Smith et al. (1996)

PART FIVE: Alcoholism and Drunk Driving
CHAPTER 17 - Drunken Drivers in Longitudinal Perspective
CHAPTER 18 - Alcoholism and Crime Across Generations
CHAPTER 19 - Identifying Developmental Paradigms Leading to Alcoholism
CHAPTER 20 - Another Time, Another Drug

PART SIX: Miscellany
CHAPTER 21 - Competence in Long-Term Perspective
CHAPTER 22 - Understanding Motivations: Considering Altruism and Aggression
CHAPTER 23 - Ethnicity, Acculturation, and Opportunities: A Study of Two Generations
CHAPTER 24 - Learning How to Learn and its Sequelae
Joan McCord’s Publications


About the Author(s)

Joan McCord (1930-2004) was Professor, Department of Criminology, Temple University and Senior Fellow in the Jerry Lee Center for Criminology at the University of Pennsylvania. She was the Past President of the American Society of Criminology and was awarded the Edwin H. Sutherland Award for Outstanding Contributions to Criminology and the Prix Emile Durkheim for her work in Criminology. Among her many books, she edited Coercion and Punishment in Long-Term Perspectives, Facts, Frameworks, and Forecasts, and Beyond Empiricism and coauthored The Psychopath and Psychopathy and Delinquency.