Award Winning Books: Race and Ethnicity

Another Arabesque

Syrian-Lebanese Ethnicity in Neoliberal Brazil

John Tofik Karam

Winner of the Roberto Reis BRASA Book Award, 2008
Arab American National Museum Book Award in the Adult Non-Fiction Category, 2007

A revealing investigation of changing identity in a globalizing world

232 pages | 6 x 9


Are We the 99%?

The Occupy Movement, Feminism, and Intersectionality

Heather McKee Hurwitz

2020 FOREWORD Reviews INDIES Finalist, Women's Studies (Adult Nonfiction)

Intersectionality lessons for contemporary “big-tent” organizing

208 pages | 5.5 x 8.25 | 2 tables


The Battles of Germantown

Effective Public History in America

David W. Young

2020 Philip S. Klein Book Prize, Pennsylvania Historical Association

Lessons from Philadelphia's Germantown neighborhood on how the public engages the past

294 pages | 6 x 9 | 5 figures, 17 halftones, 2 maps


Behind the Backlash

Muslim Americans after 9/11

Lori Peek

Best Book Award from the American Sociological Association's section on Altruism, Morality, and Social Solidarity, 2013
Midwest Sociological Society Distinguished Book Award, 2012

How Muslim-American identity has been shaped by 9/11 and its after effects

230 pages | 6 x 9 | 1 table, 3 figures


Black Identity Viewed from a Barber's Chair

Nigrescence and Eudaimonia

William E. Cross Jr.

William E. Cross Jr., recipient of the 2020 Gold Medal Award for Life Achievement in the Applications of Psychology, American Psychological Association
Choice Outstanding Academic Titles for 2022

On Blackness, identity formation, and the deconstruction of the deficit perspective on Black life

200 pages | 5.5 x 8.25 | 4 tables, 2 figures



The Socioeconomic Potential of an Urban Enclave

Min Zhou

Honorable Mention, 1993 Robert E. Park Award, American Sociological Association

Ethnic enclaves as an alternative means of incorporation into the larger society

316 pages | 6 x 9


Cultural Compass

Ethnographic Explorations of Asian America

Edited by Martin F. Manalansan IV

Cultural Studies Book Award, given by the Association for Asian American Studies, 2000

Essays by ethnographers researching their own ethnic groups

272 pages | 7 x 10 | 1 table, 5 figures


Desis in the House

Indian American Youth Culture in New York City

Sunaina Marr Maira

Honorable Mention for the Lora Romero First Book Publication Prize from the American Studies Association, 2003

Making the desi scene in New York

256 pages | 6 x 9 | 16 halftones


Do Right by Me

Learning to Raise Black Children in White Spaces

Valerie I. Harrison and Kathryn Peach D'Angelo

2021 NAACP Image Award Nominee: Outstanding Literary Work - Instructional

192 pages | 5.5 x 8.25 | 2 color illustrations


The End of White World Supremacy

Black Internationalism and the Problem of the Color Line

Roderick D. Bush

Paul Sweezy Marxist Sociology Award from the American Sociological Association conference, 2010

How the marginalization of African Americans turned into a social phenomenon for the nation and world

264 pages | 6 x 9


Hapa Girl

A Memoir

May-lee Chai

Named one of the Notable Books in the Kiriyama Prize, 2008
Honorable Mention at the Gustavus Myers Outstanding Book Awards, 2007

A vivid depiction of the racism suffered by a mixed-race family in rural South Dakota

232 pages | 5.5 x 8.25 | 12 halftones


Healing Our Divided Society

Investing in America Fifty Years after the Kerner Report

Edited by Fred Harris and Alan Curtis

Outstanding Academic Title, Choice, 2018

Examining inequality in America fifty years after the Kerner Report

488 pages | 6 x 9 | 9 tables, 54 figures


Illegal Migrations and the Huckleberry Finn Problem

John S.W. Park

Outstanding Academic Title, Choice, 2014

If you knew a runaway slave or undocumented immigrant, would you tell?

278 pages | 6 x 9


Language Policy and Identity Politics in the United States

Ronald Schmidt Sr.

"Best Book Award" from the American Political Science Association Section on Race, Ethnicity and Politics for the category of "Public Policies, Legal and Social Analysis of Racial and Ethnic Politics", 2001

An engaging discussion about the use of English and other languages in the United States

296 pages | 6 x 9 | 14 tables


The Making of Asian America through Political Participation

Pei-te Lien

Best Book published in the areas of Political Participation, Voting, Elections, and Political Behavior in Racial/Ethnic Politics by the Organized Section on Race, Ethnicity, and Politics of the American Political Science Association, 2002

A fascinating look at how race ethnicity and transnationalism help construct a complex American electorate

312 pages | 6 x 9 | 21 tables


Newcomers in Workplace

Immigrants and the Restructuring of the U.S. Economy

Edited by Louise Lamphere, Guillermo J. Grenier, and Alex Stepick

Conrad Arensberg Award, American Anthropological Association, 1994

Case studies capture the experiences, difficulties, and determination of immigrant workers

320 pages | 6 x 9 | 5 tables, 11 figures, 10 halftones


Ocean Passages

Navigating Pacific Islander and Asian American Literatures

Erin Suzuki

Outstanding Achievement in Literary Studies from the Association for Asian American Studies, 2023

Comparing and contrasting the diverse experiences of Asian and Pacific Islander subjectivities across a shared sea

268 pages | 6 x 9 | 1 halftone



Asian Americans in Popular Culture

Robert G. Lee

Best Book Award Winner Culture Studies/Popular Culture, Northeast Popular Culture/American Culture Association, 2000
Best Book Award for the Social Construction of Race, The American Political Science Association, 1999
Honorable Mention for the John Hope Franklin Publication Prize for the best-published book in American Studies from the American Studies Association, 1999

A compelling study of how the label "oriental" came into being

288 pages | 6 x 9


The Politics of Diversity

Immigration, Resistance, and Change in Monterey Park, California

John Horton

Robert E. Park Award, Community and Urban Section of the American Sociological Association, 1996

In an era of thriving anti-immigrant sentiments, this story of Monterey Park, California demonstrates how long-time residents and new immigrants deal with commonality as well as diversity

296 pages | 6 x 9 | 13 tables, 19 halftones, 3 maps


Race Appeal

How Candidates Invoke Race in U.S. Political Campaigns

Charlton D McIlwain, and Stephen M. Caliendo

Ralph J. Bunche Award, American Political Science Association, 2012
Selected as “‘The Best of the Best’ from the University Presses” Books For Public and High School Libraries” for the ALA Annual Conference, 2012

Why, when, and how often candidates use race appeals, and how the electorate responds

272 pages | 6 x 9 | 38 tables, 23 halftones


Reshaping Ethnic and Racial Relations in Philadelphia

Immigrants in a Divided City

Jo Anne Schneider, and Judith Goode

Finalist for the Robert E. Park Award, Community and Urban Section of the American Sociological Association, 1996

Strategies for cooperation in ethnically and racially diverse neighborhoods

296 pages | 6 x 9 | 1 table, 7 figures, 3 halftones


Separate Societies

Poverty and Inequality in U.S. Cities

William Goldsmith and Edward Blakely

Paul Davidoff Award, Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning, 1993

The award-winning book on urban poverty—now thoroughly revised and updated

268 pages | 6 x 9 | 12 tables, 25 figures


Shifting Borders

Rhetoric, Immigration, and California's Proposition 187

John M Sloop, and Kent A Ono

Critical and Cultural Studies Division of the National Communication Association's Book of the Year Award, 2004

Learning the lessons of California's Proposition 187

264 pages | 6 x 9 | 1 figs.


There Goes the 'Hood

Views of Gentrification from the Ground Up

Lance Freeman

Winner of the Urban Affairs Association Best Book Award, 2007

How does gentrification affect residents who stay in the neighborhood?

248 pages | 6 x 9


Unsettled Solidarities

Asian and Indigenous Cross-Representations in the Américas

Quynh Nhu Le

Association for Asian American Studies' Humanities and Cultural Studies: Literary Studies Book Award, 2021

Illuminates the intersecting logics of settler colonialism and racialization through analysis of contemporary Asian and Indigenous crossings in the Américas

250 pages | 6 x 9


White Boy

A Memoir

Mark D. Naison

Mark Naison is the recipient of the Poe Award for Literary Excellence of the Bronx County History Society, 2004

A life on the front lines of academic and social change

240 pages | 6 x 9


The White Savior Film

Content, Critics, and Consumption

Matthew Hughey

Southwest Sociological Association Outstanding Publication Award, 2016

Surveying the prevalence and popularity of films in which heroic white characters uplift racial others

230 pages | 6 x 9 | 12 tables, 2 figs.