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The NFL Off-Camera

An A–Z Guide to the League's Most Memorable Players and Personalities
Bob Angelo
Foreword by Ray Didinger

WATCH: a clip of the author's guest segment on Good Morning Football on the NFL Network (August 29)

It Was Always a Choice

Picking Up the Baton of Athlete Activism
David Steele

LISTEN: interview on the Bleav podcast on August 31.

A Refugee’s American Dream

From the Killing Fields of Cambodia to the U.S. Secret Service
Leth Oun and Joe Samuel Starnes

Words Matter October 5 at 7pm 
Farley's Bookshop October 6 at 5 pm 
Collingswood Book Fest October 7 at 12 noon 

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Their Day in the Sun

Women of the Manhattan Project
Ruth H. Howes and Caroline C. Herzenberg

LISTEN: interview with Ruth Howes on Scientific American (August 31)

Fall 2023 Catalog

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