Religious Engagement in Democratic Politics

The Religious Engagement in Democratic Politics series, edited by Paul A. Djupe, will collect work that explores in theoretically and empirically rigorous ways variations in and determinants of religious presence in the politics of democratic nations—from those with a long history of institutionalized democracy to those struggling to establish free, contested elections and systems of rights and liberties. Books in the series will demonstrate application of one or more of a variety of quantitative and qualitative methodologies to explore the robust and highly variable presence of religion in democracies. Prospective authors should contact series editor Paul Djupe or Senior Editor Aaron Javsicas at Temple University Press to discuss their work in progress for inclusion in the series.

Evangelical crackup sm

The Evangelical Crackup?

The Future of the Evangelical-Republican Coalition

Edited by Paul A. Djupe and Ryan L. Claassen

302 pages
6 x 9
13 tables, 52 figs.

PB: 978-1-4399-1522-6 $37.95 Oct 18
HC: 978-1-4399-1521-9 $104.50 Oct 18
Ebook: 978-1-4399-1523-3 $37.95 Oct 18

One faith two authorities sm

One Faith, Two Authorities

Tension between Female Religious and Male Clergy in the American Catholic Church

Jeanine E. Kraybill

174 pages
5.25 x 8.5
5 tables, 19 figs.

PB: 978-1-4399-1382-6 $27.95 Mar 19
HC: 978-1-4399-1381-9 $74.50 Mar 19
Ebook: 978-1-4399-1383-3 $27.95 Mar 19

Rock of ages sm

Rock of Ages

Subcultural Religious Identity and Public Opinion among Young Evangelicals

Jeremiah J. Castle

236 pages
6 x 9
14 tables, 44 figs.

PB: 978-1-4399-1722-0 $34.95 Aug 19
HC: 978-1-4399-1721-3 $104.50 Aug 19
Ebook: 978-1-4399-1723-7 $34.95 Aug 19

Understanding muslim political life sm

Understanding Muslim Political Life in America

Contested Citizenship in the Twenty-First Century

Edited by Brian R. Calfano and Nazita Lajevardi

248 pages
6 x 9
25 tables, 18 figs.

PB: 978-1-4399-1737-4 $34.95 May 19
HC: 978-1-4399-1736-7 $109.50 May 19
Ebook: 978-1-4399-1738-1 $34.95 May 19