American Civilization

The focus of American Civilization, edited by Allen F. Davis, is American cultural history. In keeping with the interdisciplinary work in this field, which characteristically brings together art history, literary history and theory, and material culture, the titles in this series cover diverse aspects of American experience—from attitudes toward death to twentieth-century design innovations to images of country life in art and letters to trade unions' reliance on religious discourse. The series has been a pioneer in presenting work that uses photographs as historical documents and from its inception has been firmly committed to women's studies. As the first university press series in the field, American Civilization provided the inspiration and the standard for much of the interdisciplinary work developing in the contemporary academy.
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Before It's Too Late

The Child Guidance Movement in the United States, 1922-1945

Margo Horn

260 pages

HC: 978-0-87722-589-8 $41.50

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Death in the Dining Room and Other Tales of Victorian Culture

Kenneth L. Ames

280 pages
8.5 x 11
192 halftones

PB: 978-1-56639-333-1 $42.95
HC: 978-0-87722-891-2 $49.95

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Fred Allen's Radio Comedy

Alan Havig

296 pages

PB: 978-0-87722-810-3 $27.95
HC: 978-0-87722-713-7 $67.50
Ebook: 978-1-4399-0560-9 $30.95

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Life After Death

Widows in Pennsylvania, 1750-1850

192 pages

HC: 978-0-87722-883-7 $63.50

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Mary Heaton Vorse

The Life of an American Insurgent

Dee Garrison

400 pages

16 halftones

HC: 978-0-87722-601-7 $34.95

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Social Darwinism

Science and Myth in Anglo-American Social Thought

Robert C. Bannister

292 pages

PB: 978-0-87722-566-9 $30.95
HC: 978-0-87722-155-5 $34.95
Ebook: 978-1-4399-0605-7 $30.95

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Twentieth Century Limited

Industrial Design in America, 1925-1939

Jeffrey L. Meikle

264 pages
7 x 10
149 figs.

PB: 978-1-56639-893-0 $43.95
HC: 978-1-56639-892-3 $76.50
Ebook: 978-1-4399-0471-8 $43.95