Pennsylvania Historical Association 2020 Virtual Exhibit

Temple University Press offers a well-established list of scholarly and general interest history titles, including many focused on Pennsylvania and Philadelphia regional history. TUP is proud to partner with the Pennsylvania Historical Association to publish the Pennsylvania History series, which makes high-quality scholarship accessible for students and advances the mission of the PHA by engaging with key social, political, and cultural issues in the history of the state. To find out more about the series and manuscript submission, please contact series editors Allen Dieterich-Ward and Beverly Tomek.

The PHA's virtual Booksellers Hall is now live! This exhibition runs in conjunction with their 2020 Annual Meeting to be held next Friday, October 16th!

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On October 16th at 12:30 pm, there will be a book launch celebrating the publication of James Higgins' forthcoming book, The Health of the Commonwealth(Registration is required; sign up here).

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Archaeology at the Site of the Museum of the American Revolution

Using archaeological finds to tell the story of the growth of Philadelphia in microcosm

The Battles of Germantown

Lessons from Philadelphia's Germantown neighborhood on how the public engages the past

Boathouse Row

A magisterial history of Philadelphia's iconic Boathouse Row

The Defender

A vibrant history of the Defender Association of Philadelphia—dubbed “the best lawyers money can’t buy”

The Health of the Commonwealth

Showcasing Pennsylvania’s unique contribution to the history of public health and medicine

Little Italy in the Great War

How Philadelphia’s Italian community responded during World War I

Monument Lab

A living handbook for vital perspectives on public art and history Read a blog entry by the editors


A concise and readable overview of the history of Philadelphia from its founding to the early twenty-first century

Philadelphia Battlefields

How upstart political candidates achieved spectacular successes over Philadelphia’s entrenched political establishment

Philadelphia Mural Arts @ 30

A history of the Mural Arts Program and what it can teach other cities about public art


Chronicling the French presence and impact on Philadelphia through its art and artists, as well as through the city’s political and social culture

The Scots Irish of Early Pennsylvania

A comprehensive yet concise early history of the Scots Irish in Pennsylvania

Transnational Nationalism and Collective Identity among the American Irish

How collective action creates meaning and identity within culturally diverse and physically dispersed communities Read a blog entry by the author

The Winterthur Garden Guide

How to build a garden with the “Winterthur look” Read a blog entry by the author