Society for Disability Studies 2021

Society for Disability Studies  - April 17 - 20, 2021

Allison C. Carey, Pamela Block, and Richard K. Scotch, the authors of Allies and Obstacles: Disability Activism and Parents of Children with Disabilities, will be at the SDS New Books reception Sunday April 18th 5:30-6:30

If you would like to discuss your book proposal, please contact Shaun Vigil.

Take 30% off these select titles as well as titles on our Disability Studies list using TSDS2021 through June 1, 2021 (also applies to ebooks).

Allies and Obstacles

Addresses the nature and history of activism by parents of people with disabilities, and its complex relationship to activism by disabled leaders Read a blog entry by the authors

Disabled Futures

Offering a new avenue for understanding race, gender, and disability as mutually constitutive through an analysis of literature and films Read a blog entry by the author

Final Negotiations

A poignant autoethnography that reflects back forty years on loving someone chronically ill

Vulnerable Constitutions

Presents an alternative queer-crip genealogy of American masculinity in the twentieth century