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Temple University Press is proud to support the mission of the Society for Cinema and Media Studies. A leading publisher of innovative, interdisciplinary works across the Humanities, Temple is committed to scholarship that speaks to the heart of contemporary and historic social issues. With lists that engage visual media across Asian American Studies, Black Studies, Cultural Studies, Disability Studies, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Human Rights, Indigenous Studies, Latinx Studies, Postcolonial Studies, and more, Temple seeks projects that highlight and give agency to marginalized voices and forms.
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Here'a selection of our titles from our Cinema Studies and Mass Media and Communications lists. Take 30% off by using promo code TSCMS21 at checkout.  Offer expires July 1, 2021

Anna May Wong

How Anna May Wong’s work shaped racial modernity and made her one of the most significant actresses of the twentieth century

Architectures of Revolt

A groundbreaking exploration of how filmmaking, architecture, and urban planning shaped and were shaped by mass protest movements in and around 1968

Art in Cinema

Fascinating documentation of one of the most important film societies in American history

Blow Up the Humanities

A crisp and engaging book that proposes how to save the dying humanities

Blue Skies

The first comprehensive history of cable television in the United States

Chinese Connections

How Chinese cinema and global Chinese culture intersect over questions of identity

The Chinese Diaspora on American Screens

A look at American filmmaking in the post-1989 Chinese diaspora

Cinemas in Transition in Central and Eastern Europe after 1989

An examination of Eastern European cinema a generation after the end of the Cold War

Clowns to the Left of Me, Jokers to the Right

Now in Paperback—the opinions—and evolution—of Michael Smerconish, the provocative radio/TV host and political pundit

Consuming Catastrophe

Examines the media’s coverage of four American disasters, arguing that media attention directs our concern for the suffering of others toward efforts to soothe our own emotional turmoil

Cultural Citizenship

A lively, incisive view of what citizenship means today

Dangerous Knowledge

On the historic 50th Anniversary, this reissued edition looks at the contemporary meanings and influences of images of the JFK assassination by filmmakers, photographers, and artists

Demanding Respect

From pulp comics to Maus, the story of the growth of comics in American culture

Exploring the Roots of Digital and Media Literacy through Personal Narrative

Leading scholars reveal insights into the core concepts and historical roots of digital and media literacy education


Historic documentation of the development of art-based, activist, and alternative media in the U.S.

The Forgotten Network

A history of one of the original television networks through its programs and personalities

From Tian'anmen to Times Square

How media depictions of Chinese culture have changed, from the Tian'anmen Square uprising to the British return of Hong Kong to China

Global Television

How the importation of global television in the United States affects the nature of programming

Hollywood Asian

How a Korean American actor became a Hollywood "Oriental" star

Invisible People

Unforgettable profiles of immigrants, natives, loners, villains, eccentrics, and oracles

Managing the Infosphere

Comprehending the issues at stake in the networked world

Metro Dailies in the Age of Multimedia Journalism

How daily metro newspapers can continue to survive in the age of digital journalism Read a blog entry by the author

One Last Read

The very best writing from one of Philadelphia's finest sportswriters

The Palestinian Idea

A window into the Palestinian freedom struggle, drawing on an analysis of Palestinian film and media

Phantom Skies and Shifting Ground

A fascinating collaborative investigation of some of the earliest photographs of Latin America by the renowned nineteenth-century photographer Eadweard Muybridge

Renovating Value

Reveals how the comforting story told by HGTV programs obscures the reality of housing investment, renovation, and flipping

Runaway Romances

How Hollywood’s European travelogues chronicled Americans’ self-discovery

The Spike Lee Reader

Looking at the films of the prolific, often controversial, and always provocative director

Stan Brakhage

The art and legacy of a towering figure in the independent film movement


The profound historical appeal of films, video, and digital works emphasizing synchronized musicality and gesture

Transient Images

Whither the life of online images?