National Women's Studies Association 2020 Virtual Book Exhibit

CONGRATULATIONS to Cynthia Barounis, 2020 NWSA Piepmeier Book Prize Winner for Vulnerable Constitutions: Queerness, Disability, and the Remaking of American Manhood

Temple University Press is pleased to announce our new book series Intersectionality, edited by Julia Jordan-Zachery, Celeste Montoya, and Anna Sampaio. This series will publish timely and dynamic new research on intersectional politics in the social sciences, drawing from its complex origins in articulations of identity and power as well as applications of intersectionality as methodology and as an analytical tool. While much of the work in this series will focus on intersectionality as manifest in the context of the U.S., we are open to innovative research that highlights specific cases and locations, as well as cross-national, transnational, comparative, and globally minded work.

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Are We the 99%?

Intersectionality lessons for contemporary “big-tent” organizing

Disabled Futures

Offering a new avenue for understanding race, gender, and disability as mutually constitutive through an analysis of literature and films Read a blog entry by the author

Disruptive Situations

The first comprehensive study to employ the lens of queer lives in the Arab World to understand everyday life disruptions, conflicts, and violence Read a blog entry by the author

Empowered by Design

Do reforms that decentralize the state actually empower women?

Feminist Post-Liberalism

Reconciling liberalism and feminist theory Read a blog entry by the author

Feminist Reflections on Childhood

Recovers a history of feminist thought and activism that demands greater voice and respect for young people

Gender Differences in Public Opinion

Explores the gender gap in public opinion through a values lens Read a blog entry by the author

The Gendered Executive

Examining national executives through the lens of identity, representation, and power

Good Reasons to Run

How and why women run for office Read a blog entry by the editors

Graphic Migrations

Examines “what remains” in migration stories surrounding the 1947 Partition of India


Challenging preconceived notions of the states that support working mothers

One Faith, Two Authorities

Examines the tension between the male-dominated hierarchy and female religious leaders in the American Catholic Church

Public City/Public Sex

How female prostitutes and men who sought sex with other men shaped the history and emergence of modern Paris in the nineteenth century Read a blog entry by the author

Push Back, Move Forward

An in-depth explanation of the coalition dynamics—origin, workings, strengths, and weaknesses—of the National Council of Women’s Organizations

Under the Knife

How the pursuit of a “naturally” beautiful body plays out in cosmetic surgery

Undermining Intersectionality

Now in Paperback—a sustained critique of the ways in which scholars have engaged with and deployed intersectionality

Vulnerable Constitutions

Presents an alternative queer-crip genealogy of American masculinity in the twentieth century