Pennsylvania Library Association 2021 Virtual Exhibit

Temple University Press offers a well-established list of scholarly and general interest titles, including many focused on the Pennsylvania and Philadelphia regions. 

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Archaeology at the Site of the Museum of the American Revolution

Using archaeological finds to tell the story of the growth of Philadelphia in microcosm

Are We the 99%?

Intersectionality lessons for contemporary “big-tent” organizing

Artists of Wyeth Country

A guidebook filled with biographical discoveries about the places that Andrew Wyeth, N. C. Wyeth, and Howard Pyle painted in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania

The Battles of Germantown

Lessons from Philadelphia's Germantown neighborhood on how the public engages the past

Biz Mackey, a Giant behind the Plate

Now in Paperback—the first biography of arguably the greatest catcher in the Negro Leagues

Black Identity Viewed from a Barber's Chair

On Blackness, identity formation, and the deconstruction of the deficit perspective on Black life

Boathouse Row

A magisterial history of Philadelphia's iconic Boathouse Row

The Civil Rights Lobby

Investigates how minority group, labor, religious, and other organizations worked together to lobby for civil rights reform during the 1950s and ’60s

Clowns to the Left of Me, Jokers to the Right

Now in Paperback—the opinions—and evolution—of Michael Smerconish, the provocative radio/TV host and political pundit

Color Me...Cherry & White

The first adult coloring book for the worldwide Temple University community

The Defender

A vibrant history of the Defender Association of Philadelphia—dubbed “the best lawyers money can’t buy”

Do Right by Me

Invites readers into a conversation on how best to raise black children in white families and white communities Read an interview with the authors

The Eagles Encyclopedia

An updated edition of the best-selling book The Eagles Encyclopedia celebrating the Super Bowl Champions, the E-A-G-L-E-S!

Feminist Reflections on Childhood

Recovers a history of feminist thought and activism that demands greater voice and respect for young people

Finished Business

Ray Didinger on following his dream from the bleachers to the Hall of Fame

Gangs on Trial

Exposes how stereotypes replace evidence in gang related trials

God Is Change

Exploring Octavia Butler’s religious imagination and its potential for healing and liberation

The Great Migration and the Democratic Party

Examining the political impact of Black migration on politics in three northern cities from 1915 to 1965

The Health of the Commonwealth

Showcasing Pennsylvania’s unique contribution to the history of public health and medicine

The Italian Legacy in Philadelphia

Essays and images showcasing the rich contribution of Italians and Italian Americans to Global Philadelphia

The Memoirs of Wendell W. Young III

A behind-the-scenes look at a legendary Philadelphia labor leader and how he shaped local and national politics in profound ways

Monument Lab

A living handbook for vital perspectives on public art and history Read a blog entry by the editors


Challenging preconceived notions of the states that support working mothers

P is for Philadelphia

A primer on the City of Brotherly Love, illustrated by the children of Philadelphia, for the children of Philadelphia

Pack the Court!

A historical and analytical argument for court-packing

Passing for Perfect

How does it feel to be model minority—and why would that drive one to live a lie?

Pennsylvania Politics and Policy

Addressing important issues in Pennsylvania politics and policy in a constructive, nonpartisan manner

Pennsylvania Politics and Policy

An evidence-based exploration of the most important issues in Pennsylvania politics and policy today

Philadelphia Battlefields

How upstart political candidates achieved spectacular successes over Philadelphia’s entrenched political establishment

Philadelphia Murals and the Stories They Tell

The most important public art program in the United States

Prisoner of Wars

The life of Pao Yang, whose experiences defy conventional accounts of the Vietnam War

Real Philly History, Real Fast

An amusing and informative insider’s guide to the Philadelphia history you don’t know

Renovating Value

Reveals how the comforting story told by HGTV programs obscures the reality of housing investment, renovation, and flipping

Revolution Around the Corner

The first book-length story of the radical social movement, the Puerto Rican Socialist Party


Chronicling the French presence and impact on Philadelphia through its art and artists, as well as through the city’s political and social culture

Slavery and Abolition in Pennsylvania

Highlighting the complexities of emancipation and the “First Reconstruction” in the antebellum North

Stan Hochman Unfiltered

50 years of classic columns from one of Philadelphia's most beloved sportswriters Read a blog entry by the author

Upsetting Food

Compares U.S. food reform campaigns through historical social movements—each driven by capitalism, but shaped by activism

Whose Game?

How fantasy sport participants experience gendered power Read a blog entry by the authors