Frequently Asked Questions

The easiest way to order is through the "Buy this book!" link on each book page. Click on the link and you'll be taken to a secure server. Add the book to your shopping cart and check out or continue to browse. You can view your cart and check out from any individual book page. You may also print out an order form and fax it to 1.800.621.8476 in the United States or 773.702.7212 for international orders. Mail the order form to:

Temple University Press
c/o Chicago Distribution Center
11030 South Langley Avenue
Chicago, IL 60628

Or call our toll-free number 1.800.621.2736 in the US or 773.702.7000 internationally. We accept VISA, MasterCard, AmEx, and Discover for purchases.

Start with a book search on the Our Books page. You can search for a book using the title or author's name or scroll through multiple indexes, such as Award-Winners, Subjects, Series, or alphabetically by book title or author's last name.

Email the Webmaster with your request. Please note that we do rent mailing lists, so you might receive a mailing even though your name is not in our database.

Visit our Submission Guidelines page for information about what information to send, editors' specializations and email addresses, and where to send your manuscript.

All of our books are available for media review. Please fill out the Review Copy Request Form. You may also fax a request on company letterhead to 215.204.2142, attention to the Publicity Manager. If we're unfamiliar with your publication, we will ask for a sample copy. Questions about publicity should be directed to Gary Kramer.

We invite you fill out the online form or to write on departmental letterhead for an examination copy of any paperback title you wish to consider for course adoption. Please state instructor, course title, semester, projected enrollment, and whether you'd prefer a digitial or print copy of the book to:

For desk copies, please provide instructor, course ID, projected enrollment, semester class will be taught, and the name of the bookstore that will be placing the order. Please email the Marketing Director for details on hardcover books for course use.

Contact Karen Baker in customer service at 215.204.8787 or call 1.800.621.8476 to speak with a Chicago Distribution Center representative.

We don't give out personal information about our authors, but if you send your request to the Marketing Department, Gary Kramer will forward your message to the author.

You may fill out the Permissions Form with details about your request. Please note that if the selection is an excerpt, adaptation, or is altered in any way from its copyrighted form, a photocopy of the pages of material to be reprinted, indicating any edits, must be included in your request. If the request is for the reuse of material for which permission was previously granted, you are asked to supply a copy of the previous permission agreement and any additional information regarding the previous use of the material.