Dangerous Passage

The Social Control of Sexuality in Women's Adolescence

Constance A. Nathanson
Eliot Freidson Outstanding Book in Medical Sociology, American Sociological Association, 1993
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304 pages

Table of Contents


Part I: Introduction
1. Sexuality and Social Control

Part II: Private Behavior as a Public Problem
2. Setting the Stage, 1960-1972
3. Making the Revolution, 1972-1978
4. Countermovements, 1978-1987

Part III: American Women's Adolescence in Historical Context
5. The Transformation of Women's Adolescence, 1850-1960
6. Rescue Work to Social Work: Management of the Sexually Unorthodox Girl
7. Social Movements for Sexual Control, 1885-1920

Part IV: Aspects of the Contemporary Scene
8. Contemporary Models of Sexual and Reproductive Control
9. The Limits of Professional Power: Medicine as an Agency of Moral Reform
10. Private Behavior and Personal Control: Contraceptive Management Strategies of Adolescent Women

Part V: Conclusion
11. Sexual Social Control and the Management of Social Change



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