The Whiz Kids and the 1950 Pennant

Robin Roberts and C. Paul Rogers
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390 pages
6 x 9

Table of Contents

A Special Tribute by James A. Michener
Foreword by Pat Williams
1. The Whiz Kids Win a Pennant
2. A Dismal Team History
3. The Carpenters Take Over
4. 1947: Jackie Robinson, Treading Water, and Building for the Future
5. Cy and Me
6. Phenoms, the Hat, and the Babe Ruth of Cuba
7. Professor Sawyer Assumes Control
8. Near Tragedy
9. The First Division
10. Spring Training 1950: The Whiz Kids Give Notice
11. A Tense Pennant Race
12. August: The Whiz Kids Take Command
13. September Adversity
14. The Final Weekend
Epilogue: The World Series and Beyond
Appendix A: What Happened to the Whiz Kids
Appendix B: Box Score of Pennant-Winning Game, October 1, 1950
Appendix C: Individual Statistics for the 1950 Phillies
Appendix D: The 1950 national League Race Month by Month
Appendix E: Game-by-Game Summary of the 1950 Phillies' Season
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