The Right to Privacy

Gays, Lesbians, and the Constitution

Vincent J. Samar
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260 pages

Table of Contents

Introduction: A Word about Politics and Original Intent

Part I: Theory

1. The Objects of Legal Privacy
Analyzing Privacy • Historical Antecedents • Privacy in the Law Today • How Courts Justify Decisions

2. The Concept of Legal Privacy
Problems with the Current Definitions • A Conceptual Methodology • The Definition of Legal Privacy • The Coverage-Protection Distinction

3. A Justification for Legal Privacy
A Normative Methodology • What a Privacy Justification Is • Privacy and Autonomy

Part II: Practice

4. Legal Epistemology and Privacy
Dworkin's Interpretative Theory • Mohr's Privacy Justification • Hixon's Utilitarian Approach to Privacy

5. Applications
Criteria for Dispute Resolutions • The Openly Gay or Lesbian Teacher • Gay and Lesbian Parenting and Marriage • Surrogate Motherhood • Privacy and AIDS • Adult Consensual Sodomy Statutes • The Justification of Abortion • Computer Data Banks and Electronic Funds • Transfer Services • Pornography and Drugs in the Home • Employer Drug and Polygraph Testing • The Right to Die

Epilogue: Autonomy: The Ultimate Question
Selected Bibliography