Legal Inversions

Lesbians, Gay Men, and the Politics of the Law

edited by Didi Herman and Carl Stychin
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272 pages
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An exploration of the contested field of gay and lesbian sexuality and the law

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Law reform struggles have always been a part of the grassroots lesbian and gay agenda. These critical essays examine the politics of these engagements, of lesbians, gay men, and the law in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. From a wide range of perspectives, the contributors combine new conceptual insights with a concern for the practicalities of political engagements, tackling such vital topics as legal definitions of homosexuality, AIDS activism, and race and sexuality.

Table of Contents

Introductions – Didi Herman and Carl Stychin

Part I: The Subjects of Law
1. The Homosexualization of English Law – Leslie J. Moran
2. The Irish Supreme Court and the Constitution of Male Homosexuality – Leo Flynn
3. Homosexual Unmodified: Speculations on Law's Discourse, Race, and Construction of Sexual Identity – Mary Eaton

Part II: The Implications of Strategy
4. Familial Disputes? Sperm Donors, Lesbian Mothers, and Legal Personhood – Katherine Arnup and Susan Boyd
5. A Parent(ly) Knot: Can Heather Have Two Mommies? – Shelley A.M. Gavigan
6. Envisioning a Lesbian Equality Jurisprudence – Cynthia Peterson

Part III: Law Reform, Struggle, and the State
7. Sex, Lies, and Civil Rights: A Critical History of the Massachusetts Gay Civil Rights Bill – Peter M. Cicchino, Bruce R. Deming, and Katherine M. Nicholson
8. Getting "The Family Right": Legislating Heterosexuality in Britain, 1986-1991 – Davina Cooper and Didi Herman
9. Convictions: Theorizing Lesbians and Criminal Justice – Ruthann Robson
10. People with HIV/AIDS, Gay Men, and Lesbians: Shifting Identities, Shifting Priorities – William F. Flanagan

About the Editors and Contributors

About the Author(s)

DIDI HERMAN is senior lecturer in law at Keele University, United Kingdom, and author of Rights of Passage: Struggles for Lesbian and Gay Equality.

CARL STYCHIN is lecturer in law at Keele University, and author of Law's Desire: Sexuality and the Limits of Justice.