Italian and Irish Filmmakers in America

Ford, Capra, Coppola, and Scorsese

Lee Lourdeaux
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288 pages

Table of Contents

Introduction: The Design of the Book

1. Irish and Italian Immigrants and the Movies
Framing Ethnic Culture • Filming Ethnicity Piecemeal: D. W. Griffith's Women and Other Precedents

2. Irish and Italian Immigrant Stereotypes in the 1920s
Irish America Pays a Price for Success • Immigrant Italians for Anglo-American Audiences

3. John Ford and the Landscapes of Irish America
An Irish-American Idea of Film Production • Urban Irish America: Ethnic Dangers and Virtues • Ireland Remembered: The Holy Mother, Judas, and Mary Magdalene • Faraway Places with Irish Types • The Wild West: Irish Identity as American History

4. Frank Capra and His Italian Vision of America
The Italian Success Ethic in Capra’s Films • The Early Years: Irish Types and WASP Woman • The Mature Years: Italian Social Ethics in Anglo America • The Follow-Through: An All-American Ethnic Story

5. Francis Coppola and Ethnic Double Vision
Growing up with the Success Ethic • From Angry Irish Son to Italian-American Mother • Facing the Self-Destructive Successful Father • The Flight from Italian/American Patriarchy

6. Martin Scorsese in Little Italy and Greater Manhattan
Boyhood in Little Italy • The Italian-American Family on Set • Doing Penance in the Streets • Outside Little Italy with an Italian-American Conscience

List of Films
Selected Bibliography