Facing The Death Penalty

Essays on a Cruel and Unusual Punishment

Edited by Michael L. Radelet
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264 pages

Table of Contents

Foreword – Henry Schwarzschild
1. Introduction and Overview – Michael L. Radelet
2. The Fraternity of Death – Michael A. Kroll
3. Facing the Death Penalty – Watt Espy
4. Juveniles’ Attitudes Toward Their Impending Executions – Victor L. Streib
5. Burning at the Wire: The Execution of John Evans – Russell F. Canan
6. Another Attorney for Life – Michael Mello
7. Representing the Death Row Inmate: The Ethics of Advocacy, Collateral Style – Laurin A. Wollan, Jr.
8. Ministering to the Condemned: A Case Study – Joseph B. Ingle
9. Coping with Death: Families of the Terminally Ill, Homicide Victims, and Condemned Prisoners – Margaret Vandiver
10. Rituals of Death: Capital Punishment and Human Sacrifice – Elizabeth D. Purdum and J. Anthony Paredes
11. The Death Penalty and Anthropology – Colin M. Turnbull
12. Working the Dead – Jonathan R. Sorensen and James W. Marquart
13. How to Argue About the Death Penalty – Hugo Adam Bedau
14. The Pains of Life – Joseph M. Giarratano
15. The Isolation of Death Row – C. Michael Lambrix
16. An Inhumane Way of Death – Willie Jasper Darden, Jr.