The Christ Child Goes to Court

Wayne R. Swanson
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Publication: Mar 92

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284 pages

Table of Contents


1. The ACLU and Pawtucket's Christmas Display: The Controversy Unfolds
Pawtucket Reacts • Witness for the Plaintiff: The ACLU Position • For the Defense: The Mayor Responds • The Trial

2. Round One: The District Court Decides
The District Court • The Supreme Court and Establishments: The Pre-Lynch Years • A Question of Standing • Post-Trial Memoranda to Judge Pettine • Judge Pettine Decides

3. Round Two: The Court of Appeals
Pawtucket Appeals • The U.S. Courts of Appeals • The Court of Appeals Decides

4. A Final Hearing: The Supreme Court
Applying for Certiorari • To Brief the Court • Oral Argument • Judicial Conference • The Decision

5. The Reaction
The Rhode Island Reaction • The National Response to Lynch v. Donnelly • Post-Lynch Court Activity

6. The Establishment Clause Revisited
Standards for Judicial Decision Making and the Establishment Clause • The Court's Approach to Establishment: Evaluation and Alternatives • Conclusion

Appendix A: Lynch v. Donnelly: Case Chronology
Appendix B: Glossary
Appendix C: Table of Cases: Supreme Court Establishment Decisions (1947-1988)