Beyond Segregation

Multiracial and Multiethnic Neighborhoods in the United States

Michael T. Maly
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Publication: Apr 05

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Sharpening our understanding of urban America's integrated neighborhoods


Read an article with Michael Maly on the debate about preserving racial diversity in the "Oregonian", 23 November 2006.

At a time when cities appear to be fragmenting mosaics of ethnic enclaves, it is reassuring to know there are still stable multicultural neighborhoods. Beyond Segregation offers a tour of some of America's best known multiethnic neighborhoods: Uptown in Chicago, Jackson Heights (Queens), and San Antonio-Fruitvale in Oakland. Readers will learn the history of the neighborhoods and develop an understanding of the people that reside in them, the reasons they stay, and the work it takes to maintain each neighborhood as an affordable, integrated place to live.

Table of Contents

1. Racial and Ethnic Segregation and Integration in Urban America
2. Changing Demographics, Multiethnic and Multiracial Neighborhoods, and Unplanned Diversity
3. Uptown, Chicago
4. Jackson Heights, New York
5. San Antonio-Fruitvale, Oakland