Antifoundationalism Old and New

Edited by Tom Rockmore and Beth J. Singer
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253 pages

Table of Contents

Introduction – Tom Rockmore
1. The Limits of Metaphysics and the Limits of Certainty – Joseph Margolis
2. Foundationalism in Plato? – Ronald Polansky
3. Foundationalism and Temporal Paradox: The Case of Augustine's Confessions – Gary Calore
4. Hierarchy and Early Empiricism – Fred S. Michael and Emily Michael
5. Hegel, German Idealism, and Antifoundationalism – Tom Rockmore
6. Nietzsche and the Problem of Ground – Wilhelm S. Wurzer
7. Like Bridges without Piers: Beyond the Foundationalist Metaphor – Charlene Haddock Seigfried
8. Pragmatism and the Reconstruction of Metaphysics: Toward a New Understanding of Foundations – Sandra B. Rosenthal
9. Metaphysics without Mirrors – Beth J. Singer
10. Metaphysics and Validation – Kathleen Wallace
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