All Talk

The Talkshow in Media Culture

Wayne Munson
Outstanding Academic Title, Choice, 1994
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EAN: 978-1-4399-0428-2

288 pages
6 x 9

Table of Contents

Introduction: The Sense of the Talkshow
1. Turning to Talk: The Talkshow's Development
2. Constellations of Voices: How Talkshows Work
3. Making Sense and Nonsense: Talk about the Talkshow
Postscript: A New Sense of Place


In the Series

  • Culture and the Moving Image edited by Robert Sklar

    The Culture and the Moving Image series, edited by Robert Sklar, seeks to publish innovative scholarship and criticism on cinema, television, and the culture of the moving image. The series will emphasize works that view these media in their broad cultural and social frameworks. Its themes will include a global perspective on the world-wide production of images; the links between film, television, and video art; a concern with issues of race, class, and gender; and an engagement with the growing convergence of history and theory in moving image studies.