Are You Two Sisters?

The Journey of a Lesbian Couple

Susan Krieger
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Publication: Feb 22

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326 pages
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Authored by one of the most respected figures in the field of personal ethnographic narrative, this book serves as both a memoir and a sociological study, telling the story of one lesbian couple’s lifelong journey together


Are You Two Sisters? is Susan Krieger’s candid, revealing, and engrossing memoir about the intimacies of a lesbian couple. Krieger explores how she and her partner confront both the inner challenges of their relationship and the invisibility of lesbian identity in the larger world.

Using a lively novelistic and autoethnographic approach that toggles back and forth in time, Krieger reflects on the evolution of her forty-year relationship. She describes building a life together, from sharing pets and travels to getting married. Are You Two Sisters? addresses not only questions of gender and sexuality, but also of disability, as Krieger explores how the couple adapts to her increasing blindness.

Krieger’s title comes from a question asked by a stranger outside a remote desert bar as she and her partner traveled in the Southwest. Her apprehension about answering that question suggests how, even after the legalization of gay marriage, lesbianism often remains hidden—an observation that makes Krieger’s poignant narrative all the more moving.

About the Author(s)

Susan Krieger is a sociologist, writer, and Research Fellow at the Clayman Institute for Gender Research, Stanford University. Her prior books include The Mirror Dance: Identity in a Women’s Community (Temple), Social Science and the Self: Personal Essays on an Art Form, The Family Silver: Essays on Relationships among Women, Things No Longer There: A Memoir of Losing Sight and Finding Vision, Traveling Blind: Adventures in Vision with a Guide Dog by My Side, and Come Let Me Guide You: A Life Shared with a Guide Dog.