Emerging Threats to Human Rights

Resources, Violence, and Deprivation of Citizenship

Edited by Heather Smith-Cannoy
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Understanding how emerging threats to human rights intersect with patterns of migration


As widespread environmental degradation threatens the basic human rights of a large proportion of the world’s population, we are also confronting the worst migration crisis in the modern era. Emerging Threats to Human Rights searches among the interrelated causes of these overlapping crises. The editor and contributors to this timely anthology assess how environmental resources, state violence, and the deprivation of nationality/citizenship are linked to gain a better understanding of how human rights abuses intersect with patterns of migration.

As some refugees flee violence at home, they arrive in an asylum country only to experience violence at the hands of the native population. Likewise, those denied citizenship rights in their country become vulnerable to human traffickers and other rights violations when they flee.

Bringing together scholars of resource dilemmas, violence, and citizenship as well as lawyers and human rights practitioners, Emerging Threats to Human Rights begins by identifying the core causes of human rights violations confronting our world today. Chapters also consider whether and to what extent these emerging threats to human rights serve as drivers of displacement.

Contributors: Maximilian Aviles, Neil A. Englehart, Kerstin Fisk, Brian Frederking, Beatrice Lindstrom, Robert Mandel, Jeannette Money, Patricia C. Rodda, Michelle Scobie, Charles Anthony Smith, Shaina Western, and the editor.

About the Author(s)

Heather Smith-Cannoy is an Associate Professor and Chair of International Affairs at Lewis & Clark College. She is the author of Insincere Commitments: Human Rights Treaties, Abusive States and Citizen Activism.