Addressing Violence Against Women on College Campuses

Edited by Catherine Kaukinen, Michelle Hughes Miller, and Ráchael A. Powers
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What we know, what we are doing, and how we can improve our prevention of and response to violence against women on college campuses

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Violence against women on college campuses has remained underreported and often under addressed by both campus security and local law enforcement, as well as campus administrators. The researchers, practitioners, and activists who contribute to the pertinent volume Addressing Violence Against Women on College Campuses examine the extent, nature, dynamic and contexts of violence against women at institutions of higher education.

This book is designed to facilitate an ongoing discussion and provide direction on how best to prevent and investigate violence against women, and intervene to assist victims while reducing the impact of these crimes. Chapters detail the necessary changes and implications that are part of Title IX and other federal legislation and initiatives as well as the effect these changes have had for higher education actors, including campus administrators, victim advocates, and student activists. The contributors also explore the importance of campus efforts to estimate the extent of violence against women; educating young men and women on the nature of sexual and dating violence; and shifting efforts to both make offenders accountable for their crimes and prompt all bystanders to act.

Addressing Violence Against Women on College Campuses urgently argues to make violence prevention not separate from but rather an integral part of the student experience.

Contributors include: Antonia Abbey, Joanne Belknap, Ava Blustein, Stephanie Bonnes, Alesha Cameron, Sarah L. Cook, Walter S. DeKeseredy, Helen Eigenberg, Kate Fox, Christopher P. Krebs, Jennifer Leili, Christine Lindquist, Sarah McMahon, Caitlyn Meade, Christine Mouton, Matt R. Nobles, Callie Marie Rennison, Meredith M. Smith, Carmen Suarez, and the editors.

Table of Contents

Exhibits and Figures

1. Violence Against College Women: Unfortunately, It Is Not a New Problem • Catherine Kaukinen, Ráchael A.Powers, and Michelle Hughes Miller

Part I The Extent, Nature, and Causes of Violence Against Women on College Campuses
2. Sexual Violence Against College Women: An Overview • Callie Marie Rennison, Catherine Kaukinen, and Caitlyn Meade
3. Intimate Partner Violence on College Campuses • Ráchael A. Powers and Catherine Kaukinen
4. Stalking on College Campuses • Matt R. Nobles and Kate Fox
5. Explaining Campus Violence Against Women: Unhealthy Masculinity and Male Peer Support • Walter S. DeKeseredy
6. Alcohol-Related Sexual Assault on College Campuses: A Continuing Problem • Antonia Abbey

Part II Addressing Violence Against Women on College Campuses: Legislation and Federally Mandated Action
7. From Sexual Harassment to Sexual Violence: The Evolution of Title IX’s Response to Sexual Victimization • Michelle Hughes Miller
8. The Reauthorized Violence Against Women Act: The Campus SaVE Act and Its Mandates • Michelle Hughes Miller and Sarah L. Cook
9. The White House Task Force Report on Sexual Violence on College Campuses • Catherine Kaukinen
10. The (Re)Organization of Campus Responses • Carmen Suarez
11. Title IX and Mandatory Reporting: A Help or a Hindrance? • Helen Eigenberg and Joanne Belknap
12. Campus-Based Victim Advocacy Centers • Ráchael A. Powers, Alesha Cameron, and Christine Mouton

Part III Preventing Violence through Knowledge, Education, and Changing Cultural Norms
13. Campus Climate Surveys • Christine Lindquist and Christopher P. Krebs
14. Active Bystander Intervention • Sarah McMahon
15. Engaging Men in Anti–Violence Against Women Efforts on College Campuses • Ráchael A. Powers and Jennifer Leili
16. Student Activism • Ava Blustein
Part IV Preventing Violence Against Women on Campus: Current Challenges and Future Opportunities
17. Title IX Investigations and “Rehabilitated Schools” • Meredith M. Smith
18. Managing the Backlash • Helen Eigenberg, Stephanie Bonnes, and Joanne Belknap
Conclusion: Where Do We Go from Here? • Michelle Hughes Miller, Catherine Kaukinen, and Ráchael A. Powers


About the Author(s)

Catherine Kaukinen is Professor and Chair in the Department of Criminal Justice at the University of Central Florida.

Michelle Hughes Miller is Associate Professor of Women’s and Gender Studies at the University of South Florida.

Ráchael A. Powers is Assistant Professor in the Department of Criminology at the University of South Florida.