Illness or Deviance?

Drug Courts, Drug Treatment, and the Ambiguity of Addiction

Jennifer Murphy
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Exploring the moral frameworks for labeling, treating, and punishing drug addiction


Is drug addiction a disease that can be treated, or is it a crime that should be punished? In her probing study, Illness or Deviance?, Jennifer Murphy investigates the various perspectives on addiction, and how society has myriad ways of handling it—incarcerating some drug users while putting others in treatment.

Illness or Deviance? highlights the confusion and contradictions about labeling addiction. Murphy’s fieldwork in a drug court and an outpatient drug treatment facility yields fascinating insights, such as how courts and treatment centers both enforce the “disease” label of addiction, yet their management tactics overlap treatment with “therapeutic punishment.” The “addict” label is a result not just of using drugs, but also of being a part of the drug lifestyle, by selling drugs. In addition, Murphy observes that drug courts and treatment facilities benefit economically from their cooperation, creating a very powerful institutional arrangement.

Murphy contextualizes her findings within theories of medical sociology as well as criminology to identify the policy implications of a medicalized view of addiction.

Table of Contents

1 Drug Addiction: Illness or Deviance?
2 Historic Tensions and the Development of Drug Treatment and Policy
3 The Overlap of Clinical and Legal Authorities: Capital City’s Drug Court
4 Labeling Addiction in Outpatient Treatment: Southside and Westview Programs
5 Managing Illness and Deviance: Therapeutic Punishment
6 Conclusion: Reducing Stigma
Appendix: Methods and Perspective

About the Author(s)

Jennifer Murphy is Associate Professor of Criminal Justice at Penn State Berks.