Elements of Discipline

Nine Principles for Teachers and Parents

Stephen Greenspan
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How teachers and parents can cultivate competent, happy children using a few simple principles as their guide.

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Elements of Discipline is a timely and helpful book for teachers, parents, and day-care professionals that provides a simple set of rules for managing—successfully and humanely—a wide range of discipline situations and challenges. A well-respected child development specialist, Stephen Greenspan outlines his "ABC Theory of Discipline." He combines an Affective approach, a Behavioral approach, and a Cognitive approach that, when used in a coordinated fashion, will contribute to greater child compliance and family/classroom harmony. Greenspan suggests that, using his matrix, caregivers can provide the warmth, tolerance, and influence that will help children become competent in three socio-emotional domains—happiness, boldness, and niceness. He recommends caregivers pick and choose from the discipline literature in a manner that best suits their individual style and values. Elements of Discipline is a lively guide to effective classroom or family management.

Table of Contents

Foreword, by Arnold J. Sameroff Preface Acknowledgments 1 In Search of Balance: Domains of Discipline and Long-Term Outcomes 2 The Affective Approach to Discipline: Underpinnings and Three Principles 3 The Behavioral Approach to Discipline: Underpinnings and Three Principles 4 The Cognitive Approach to Discipline: Underpinnings and Three Principles 5 Case Studies in Discipline: Using the Three Approaches to Address Behavioral Challenges 6 The ABC Model of Discipline: Linking Domains, Principles, and Outcomes 7 The ABC Tool Kit: Using the Nine Principles to Deal with Discipline Problems 8 Developing an Effective Discipline Style: Using the ABC Model to Refine the Caregiver’s Approach to Discipline Appendix A: Glossary Appendix B: Using the ABC Model to Evaluate Discipline Advice References Index

About the Author(s)

Stephen Greenspan is a developmental psychologist who is Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Colorado and Emeritus Professor of Educational Psychology at the University of Connecticut, where he coordinated the graduate program in Special Education. A widely-cited authority on social competence, especially in at-risk children, youth and adults, he was the 2011 recipient of the John Jacobson Award for Critical Thinking from the American Psychological Association.