Accidental Immigrants and the Search for Home

Women, Cultural Identity, and Community

Carol E. Kelley
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Reveals how four women with very different stories seek a sense of belonging, identity and home through the lifelong process of immigration

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The effect of immigration on individual lives is not short-lived. Those who stay permanently in an adopted country go through a continual process of adjustment and learning about both their new country and themselves. The four women profiled in Carol Kelley's poignant book, who moved to new countries not for economic or political reasons, but for marriage, education, or career, challenge immigrant stereotypes as their lives are transformed. The intimate stories of these "accidental" immigrants broaden conventional notions of home. From a Maori woman who moves to Norway to the daughter of an Iranian diplomat now living in France, Kelley weaves together these stories of the personal and emotional effects of immigration with interdisciplinary discussions drawn from anthropology and psychology. Ultimately, she reveals how the lifelong process of immigration affects each woman's sense of identity and belonging and contributes to better understanding today's globalized society.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments Introduction: Approaching Home 1 Accidental Immigrants: From Roots to Routes 2 Transitions: Negotiating Identity in a New Culture 3 Turning Points: Realization, Transformation, and Commitment 4 Lejanía Cercana: Living “Closely Far” from Home Notes References Index

About the Author(s)

Carol E. Kelley is an anthropologist and former lawyer who has worked as a research consultant for universities and non-profit organizations.