Damaged Goods?

Women Living with Incurable Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Adina Nack
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How living with a chronic, stigmatizing, and contagious disease transforms women's lives

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Q&A with Adina Nack, 2008.

How do women living with genital herpes and/or HPV ( human papillomavirus) infections see themselves as sexual beings, and what choices do they make about sexual health issues? Adina Nack, a medical sociologist who specializes in sexual health and social psychology, conducted in-depth interviews with 43 women about their identities and sexuality with regard to chronic illness. The result is a fascinating book about an issue that affects over 15 million Americans, but is all too little discussed.

Damaged Goods adds to our knowledge of how women are affected by living with chronic STDs and reveals the stages of their sexual self-transformation. From the anxiety of being diagnosed with an STD to issues of blame and shame, Nack—herself diagnosed with a cervical HPV infection—shows why these women, feeling that they are “damaged goods,” question future relationships, marriage, and their ability to have healthy children.

About the Author(s)

Adina Nack is Associate Professor of Sociology at California Lutheran University and has been involved with sexual health education for more than a decade as an outreach worker, health educator, and researcher, as well as a professor of sexuality studies. She is also one of the founders of CLU's Center for Equality and Justice. Nack is a member of Ventura County’s HIV/AIDS Coalition and for several years has been the organizer of the county’s World AIDS Day events. Visit her on the web at www.adinanack.com.