Citizen Lobbyists

Local Efforts to Influence Public Policy

Brian Adams
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How do ordinary citizens become involved in local politics?

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements Part I: Introduction Chapter 1: Introduction;;;;;; Chapter 2: Citizen Efforts to Influence Local Policy Part II: Participation Across Local Policies Chapter 3: Policy Characteristics and Patterns of Participation; Chapter 4: Policy Entrepreneurs and the Opportunity to Participate; Chapter 5: Local Newspapers and Participation Chapter 6: Social Conflict and Participation Part III: How Citizens Participate Chapter 7: Participatory Strategies and Tactics: An Overview;; Chapter 8: Public Meetings and the Democratic Process; Chapter 9: The Political Value of Social Networks Part IV: Conclusion Chapter 10: The Practice of Local Democracy; Appendix: Policies Discussed by Interview Respondents Notes References Tables and Figures

About the Author(s)

Brian E. Adams is Assistant Professor in the Political Science Department at San Diego State University.