Labor of Fire

The Ontology of Labor between Economy and Culture

Bruno Gullì
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Can work exist outside of capitalism?

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In Labor of Fire, Bruno Gullì offers a timely and much needed re-examination of the concept of labor. Distinguishing between "productive labor" (working for money or subsistence) and "living labor" (working for artistic creation), Gullì convincingly argues for a definition of work that recognizes the importance of artistic and social creativity to our definition of labor and the self. Gullì lays the groundwork for his book by offering a critique of productive labor, and then maps out his productive/living labor distinction in detail, reviewing the work of Marx and others.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments Introduction 1. The Ontology of Labor: Problems of the Relationship between Philosophy and Political Economy REMARK: The Productive Power of Capital 2. On the Difference between Living Labor and Productive Labor REMARK: 1. Dialectic and metaphysics REMARK: 2. Vulgar metaphysics and poetic metaphysics 3. Radicalizing the Ontology of Labor: Institution and Utopia 4. The Solitude of Labor: On the Relationship between Creative Labor and Artistic Production Notes Bibliography Index

About the Author(s)

Bruno Gulli teaches philosophy at Long Island University, Brooklyn Campus and at Kingsborough Community College.