The Philadelphia Area Weather Book

Jon Nese and Glenn Schwartz
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EAN: 978-1-59213-391-8
Publication: Feb 05

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264 pages
8.375 x 10
16 color illustrations, 36 tables, 36 figs., 159 halftones, 64 maps

A book for every season!


The Philadelphia Area Weather Book answers all of our questions about the region's weather and climate, from the Poconos and Philadelphia to southern New Jersey and the Jersey Shore to Delaware. The snowiest winter? The hottest summer? The strongest tornado? Signs of global warming? Why can't computers give reliable two-week forecasts? The answers are all here in this new paperback.

Offering a little-known history of the region's pivotal role in the development of weather science as far back as colonial times, The Philadelphia Area Weather Book gives a lively account of what forecasters actually do on a daily basis.

Features include:

• "Stories from the Trenches": inside stories of forecasting the big storms; a look back with Philadelphia's television pioneers Wally Kinnan, Dr. Francis Davis, and Herb Clarke; and a glimpse at the possibilities for the future climate of our area

• More than 150 illustrations (including 60 photographs, 54 maps, dozens of diagrams, and a 16-page color section): ranging from the first photographic image of lightning to local residents' photos of the Blizzard of '96 and Hurricane Floyd; from the dynamics of air masses to eroding shore lines and global warming trends

• Weather tables: statistics for every day of the year, monthly averages as well as temperature and precipitation extremes for Philadelphia, Wilmington, Allentown, and Atlantic City

• Lists of web resources organized by topic so that readers can follow current weather events using the same sites as the experts do.

Table of Contents

Foreword – Edward G. Rendell

1. History of Weather Science and Observing in the Philadelphia Area
Observations: It all Starts Here • The Modern National Weather Service

2. Basics of Weather and Weather Forecasting
From Folklore to Fundamentals • Basic Building Blocks of Weather and Climate • General Climate Features of the Philadelphia Area • Weather Forecasting

3. Winter: December–January–February
Tough Forecasting on the Edge • Winter Cold • Winter Snow • Historical Winters

4. Spring: March–April–May
From Winter to Spring • Nor'easters • Thunderstorms • Tornadoes • River Flooding • Looking Ahead: glimpses of Summer in Spring

5. Summer: June–July–August
Heat and Humidity • Summer Precipitation: Drenching Ran and Drought • Air Pollution • The Shore

6. Autumn: September–October–November
Autumn: Season of Stability • Hurricanes: The Greatest Storms on Earth • Hurricane Dangers • Hurricane Forecasting • Philadelphia and Coastal Vulnerability • Historical Delaware Valley and Shore Hurricanes • A Philadelphia-area Nightmare Hurricane Scenario • Looking Ahead: Signs of What Is to Come

7. Philadelphia's Future Climate
Future Climate: Months and Season; Future Climate: Years and Decades (and Longer)

Appendix A: Philadelphia Daily and Monthly Climate Data
Appendix B: Climate Data for Wilmington, Delaware; Allentown, Pennsylvania; and Atlantic City, New Jersey
Additional Web Resources
List of Illustrations
List of Tables

About the Author(s)

Jon Nese, Ph.D., formerly Chief Meteorologist at The Franklin Institute, is Storm Analyst at the Weather Channel and co-author of A World of Weather.

Glenn "Hurricane" Schwartz is Chief Meteorologist for NBC-10 in Philadelphia and has been voted most trusted meteorologist in the Philadelphia area by readers of Philadelphia Magazine.